2024/01/29 Kick-off of the CAMAERA project

The kick-off meeting of the Horizon Europe project CAMS AERosol Advancement (CAMAERA), led by HYGEOS, took place on 29th January, with over 50 participants from countries and institutes all over Europe. read more

2023/11/13 HYGEOS in support to CNES missions

HYGEOS started a number of studies to support CNES in the calibration and validation and data processors development for current and future spatial missions. read more

2023/10/12 HYGEOS continues in the Copernicus Global Land Operations Service

HYGEOS’s participation in the Copernicus Global Land Service is renewed for four years, 2023-2027. read more

2023/09/07 HYGEOS contributes to the BAMS State of the Climate in 2022

The State of the Climate in 2022 has been released on 6th of September. HYGEOS contributed the aerosol section; the most prominent aerosol event in 2022 was the eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai submarine volcano, which released large amount of water vapour and sulphur dioxide in the stratosphere. read more

2023/06/27 HYGEOS contributes to the upgrade of the CAMS global real-time data assimilation and forecasting system

From Tuesday 27 June 2023 onwards, the system accounts for detailed chemical processes not only in the troposphere but also in the stratosphere. This upgrade creates the potential to assimilate stratospheric trace gases and introduce changes to the modelling of dust aerosols. read more

2022/09/01 BAMS State of the Climate

HYGEOS contributed the aerosol section of the prestigious BAMS State of the Climate report, published annually by the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. read more

2022/07/22 HYGEOS made 4 presentations at IRS.

HYGEOS made 3 oral presentations and showed 1 poster at the International Radiation Symposium, which took place at Thessaloniki (Greece) on 4-8 July 2022. Some presentations can be donwloaded here: read more

2022/04/04 Pollution event: what impact on solar energy?

The SolaRes service developed by HYGEOS quantifies the impact of the polution event lived in Northern Europe in March 2022 on the solar energy available for photovoltaic panels. read more

2022/03/10 Kick-Off Meeting of CCI+ Vegetation parameters project

HYGEOS participated in the kick-off meeting of the ESA-funded CCI+ Vegetation parameters project, leb by VITO. HYGEOS is responsible of the atmospheric corrections of input satellite data. read more

2022/03/07 HYGEOS will contribute to the IRS conference !

Seven abstracts were accepted at the International Radiation Symposium taking place at Thessaloniki (Greece) in July 2022, involving HYGEOS researchers. The list of the abstracts can be found here: read more

2021/12/24 New publication on estimation of Sargassum fractional coverage.

Five French teams, including HYGEOS, published their work on the estimation of Sargassum fractional coverage using kilometric and decametric satellite sensors data acquired at the same location and at the same time. read more

2021/11/24 First success of the SolaRes by HYGEOS solar resource service

The SolaRes service participated in a competition with four other companies, organised by TotalEnergies. Comparison scores between SolaRes estimates and observations were more than encouraging ! read more

2021/10/14 Kick-off of Biodiversity of the Coastal Ocean: Monitoring with Earth observations (BiCOME) project

HYGEOS participated in the kick-off meeting of the ESA-funded BiCOME project, led by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML). HYGEOS is in charge of the satellite signal decontamination using the Polymer atmospheric scheme. read more

2021/10/14 HYGEOS kicked-off a new study for the provision of TOA radiances simulations for the MAP and the CLIM

HYGEOS, in partnership with LOA and ICARE , was awarded a contract by EUMETSAT for the provision of TOA radiances simulations for the MAP and the CLIM of the CO2M mission. read more

2021/09/03 Looking back to 2020 global aerosol events

HYGEOS contributed to two important annual bulletins that monitor the Earth system: the BAMS (Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society) State of the Climate, and the new WMO (World Meteorological Organization) air quality bulletin. read more

2021/09/01 Start of the HYGEOS-led CAMS2_35 project

The CAMS2_35 project, led by HYGEOS, started on 1st of September 2021. It is part of the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) programme, funded by the European Union and operated by ECMWF. read more

2021/06/23 HYGEOS contributes to the successful BiCOME proposal

BiCOME (Biodiversity of the Coastal Ocean: Monitoring with Earth Observation) project, led by the Plymouth Marine Laboratory, will start soon after successful negotiations with ESA. read more

2021/05/04 HYGEOS and CAMS43 at the EGU 2021

The CAMS 43 project led by HYGEOS gave three presentations at the EGU 2021 online meeting. The topics covered are upgrades of the global aerosol model used in CAMS; simulation of the stratospheric atmospheric composition and of the COVID-19 impact on global aerosols and trace gases. read more

2021/03/24 HYGEOS continues in Copernicus Global Land Operations Service

HYGEOS' participation in the Copernicus Global Land Service is renewed for two years, 2021-2023. read more

2021/02/16 New generation of synthetic data.

HYGEOS together with the LOA produced a new generation of synthetic data in the framework of a contract for EUMETSAT. The data set is innovative in terms of (i) scene realism, (ii) spectral coverage (0.3 to 15.5 microns), (iii) spectral resolution (between 0.5nm and 0.25 cm-1) and (iv) spatial coverage (full geostationnary disk). See the project dedicated page

2021/01/14 New publication on Ice cloud retrieval from hyperspectral thermal infrared spaceborne measurements.

HYGEOS participated to this new publication in collaboration with the LOA, the CNRM and the Met-Office. read more

2020/02/25-27 HYGEOS at the Solar Exhibition at Casablanca, Morocco

HYGEOS participated to the Solaire Expo Maroc at Casablanca, Morocco. read more

2019/12/13 HYGEOS and CAMS 43 at the AGU

The CAMS 43 project led by HYGEOS presented a poster at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) fall meeting in San Francisco read more

2019/11/07 HYGEOS contributes to upgraded aerosol scheme of the ECMWF IFS

The CAMS 43 project led by HYGEOS published an article that describes the tropospheric aerosol scheme of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS). read more

2019/09/23 HYGEOS at the 2019 CAMS General Assembly

HYGEOS participated to the fourth General Assembly of the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services in Budapest, on 16-20 September 2019. read more

2019/09/11 HYGEOS at the 2019 EU PVSEC

HYGEOS participated to the EU PVSEC held on 9-13 September in Marseille, France. read more

2019/09/12. Polymer v4.12 released

Version 4.12 of Polymer is now available. You can download it here after free registration and check the changelog.

2019/06/25 HYGEOS at the 2019 ICEM Conference

HYGEOS participated to the ICEM conference held on 25-27 June 2019 in Copenhagen, Denmark. read more

2019/05/23 SMART-G 0.9.2 released !

New release of SMART-G. Check out its new features ! read more

2019/05/19 HYGEOS at Living Planet Symposium in Milan, IT.

HYGEOS has done two presentations and a poster at Living Planet Symposium. read more

2019/04/10 SACSO Project Kick-Off

SACSO (Spectral matching Atmospheric Correction for Sentinel Ocean colour measurements) has kicked off with EUMETSAT and Solvo. read more

2019/01/25 HYGEOS seminar at Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris

HYGEOS presented its activities in link with the Copernicus programme at a seminar organized by IPGP. read more

2018/12/13 DCC kickoff meeting

Absolute and inter-band vicarious calibration of optical sensors on Deep Convective Clouds kickoff meeting with CNES and LOA

2018/10/16 SMART-G publication accepted and available

Publication describing our radiative transfer tool SMART-G is accepted and available here.

2018/10/08 HYGEOS at the 2018 SolarPACES Conference

HYGEOS participated to the SolarPACES conference held on 2-5 October 2018 in Casablanca, Morocco. read more

2018/09/24 Hygeos forum

A forum is now available on our website, to provide software releases and support to Polymer and Smart-G. read more

2018/07/06 EUMETSAT "Ocean Colour Bright Pixel Correction" study started

The EUMETSAT study "Ocean Colour Bright Pixel Correction", lead by SOLVO had kicked off in late June. HYGEOS is in charge of the prototyping of the coupled ocean-atmosphere algorithm. read more

2018/05/07. Polymer v4.8 released

Latest version of Polymer is now available with Rayleigh correction rework, DEM and Sentinel2 landmask. You can download it here after free registration and check the changelog.

2018/03/28. Animation of a workshop at ISA

HYGEOS animated a 16-student workshop at the Institut Supérieur d'Agriculture in Lille (ISA), dedicated to the exploitation of satellite data in farming applications. read more

2018/03/26. Journée technique du solaire en HdF

HYGEOS participates to the technical day on solar energy in the French Region 'Hauts de France'.

2018/01/10. Publication of a paper on remote sensing of the underwater light field in the ocean from satellites

HYGEOS published a paper on remote sensing of the underwater light field in the ocean from satellites. read more

2017/12/21. Lectures on image processing

26-h lecture on image processing, in collaboration with the Université Littoral Côte d'Opale (ULCO)

2017/12/11. Publication of a paper on fog nowcasting

As a first author and co-author, HYGEOS published a paper on fog nowcasting. read more

2017/10/27. Explanation for the red sun observed in Lille on 17 October 2017

We made radiative transfer computations to explain why the sun appeared red on 17 October in Lille. read more

HYGEOS at the 2017 Solar PACES Conference (26-29 September 2017)

HYGEOS participated to the Solar PACES conference held on 26-29 September in Santiago De Chile. read more

HYGEOS at the annual EUMETSAT conference

This week, Mathieu Compiègne represents HYGEOS at the annual EUMETSAT conference that takes place in Rome. read more

ESA/SEOM daily PAR (29/09/2017)

Final review of the daily PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) project leaded by HYGEOS at ESA/ESRIN (Italy)

New PhD student at HYGEOS ! (11/09/2017)

Mustapha Moulana will work on 3D radiative transfer code using GPU technologies.

New website!

We have updated our website. read more

15th anniversary (12/12/2016)

HYGEOS celebrates its 15th anniversary! About 50 guests have joined us at Euratechnologies, Lille, on December the 12th 2016.

FP7 ImagineS successfully closed (30/06/2016)

After receipt of the final payment and its distribution to partners, the FP7 ImagineS project is closed.

22nd SolarPaces conference (10/05/2016)

Estimates of the solar ressource, will be presented at the 22nd SolarPaces conference, Abu Dhabi, 11-14 October 2016.