2019/05/23 SMART-G 0.9.2 released !

Several things have been implemented:

  • Source code release !
  • This release now includes the source code for the kernel instead of binaries.
  • This allows for more flexilibity with respect to compilation options.
  • New! 3D objects (in development)
  • 3D objects require smartg option Smartg(opt3D=True) and work in either forward or backward mode
  • Designed to simulate a solar tower power plant. Please check notebooks/demo_notebook_objects.ipynb
  • The following features are implemented:
  • Reflectors (mirrors with optional roughness)
    • Receivers with flux distribution map (direct, diffuse...)
    • Custom photon launching options (target an area or specific objects: see option Smartg().run(cusL=...))
    • Utilities to quickly generate a 3D scene with heliostats and a tower (see smartg/visualizegeo.py)
  • New! Refraction and limb geometry. Please check notebooks/demo_notebook.ipynb
  • ALIS method is now validated and extended to water. Please check notebooks/Validation_smartg_compilation.ipynb , which compiles all validation exercises for Smart-G and an example of:
    • perturbative Jacobians
    • Locale estimate: add 'zip' option to allow for non-cartesian product of
    • output angles
    • Notebooks have been extended
  • New! 3D atmosphere (in development - undocumented)

Please check out our forum to get the latest release.