2021/09/01 Start of the HYGEOS-led CAMS2_35 project

The CAMS2_35 project aims to improve the global atmospheric composition (aerosols and trace gases) tool used in CAMS: the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS).
The objective is to provide higher quality atmospheric composition products to users, whether through the global Near-Real-Time (NRT) product, or through the next CAMS Reanalysis. During the three years and half of the project, a number of modelling improvements are planned, as well as new diagnostic products, and the development of validation tool to evaluate our simulations. This project is led by HYGEOS, in partnership with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), the Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy (BIRA-IASB), the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology (MPI-M), Météo-France (CNRM-MF), ResearchConcepts.io and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC)