Solar Energy

HYGEOS provides solar radiation parameters necessary for planning productivity by photovoltaic (PV) and concentrated solar plants (CSP), as:

  • the global horizontal irradiance (GHI),

  • the direct normal irradiance (DNI),

  • the slant path attenuation (for tower CSPs, see the ASoRA project).

Any other parameter can be joined, as the circumsolar ratio, GHI for tilted panels, wind speed, air temperature, ... Computations are performed at different spatial resolutions, from a specific location to extended areas anywhere in the world. Time series can extend over several tens of years at the time resolution of 1 hour. On-demand studies can be performed to meet the specific user needs. Please contact HYGEOS.

Accuracy and precision

Special care is given to accuracy and precision by selecting the best input parameters to the radiative transfer codes. We consider the spatial and temporal variability of clouds, aerosols, water vapor, ozone and other absorbing atmospheric gases.

As experts in radiative transfer simulation, we apply state-of-the-art radiative transfer codes, and we even develop our own codes for specific needs (e.g. SMART-G).


Some computations of the DNI and the slant path attenuation are shown in the [Elias et al., 2017] paper. New computations for 7 sites located in 2 regions, are also available as time series and maps.

Contact at Hygeos: Thierry Elias