Atmospheric Science

Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Services 43: global aerosol aspects

CAMS 43 aims at improving the global aerosol forecast provided by ECMWF.

Deep Convective Cloud

Deep Convective Cloud for calibration of optical sensors

Extreme atmospheric events detection using IASI

Prototyping a method to detect and characterise the extreme atmospheric events from measurements of Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer (IASI).

PAR for Primary Production (3P)

A project initiated and funded through the SEOM Programme of ESA – the European Space Agency.


Total Ozone Retrieval Using MERIS in view of Sentinel-3.


Fog formation nowcasting

Ocean Colour


Monitoring the biodiversity of coastal ocean with Earth Observations data

ESA Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative

The Ocean Colour Climate Change Initiative programme (OC-CCI) aims at producing stable, long-term satellite-based Ocean Colour Essential Climate Variables (ECVs) for climate modellers and researchers.


Spectral matching Atmospheric Correction for Sentinel Ocean colour measurements


Research and Development of Water Quality products for transitional waters

EUMETSAT Bright Pixel Correction

Develop a dedicated Bright Pixel correction algorithm for OLCI.

C2X: Extreme case 2 waters

A project initiated and funded through the SEOM Programme of ESA – the European Space Agency.


Global monitoring of the coastal environment.

Solar Energy

SolaRes: Solar Resources estimates

Development of an operational service of worldwide provision of solar resource estimates in near real time or for historical archives.

ASoRA: Attenuation of the Solar Radiation by Aerosols

The aim of the ASoRA project was to improve the estimate of the solar ressource for the Solar Tower plants.

Land Monitoring


Development of high quality, global, long-term, multi-mission time series of LAI and FAPAR according to GCOS requirements.

Copernicus Climate Change Service

Production and delivery of long term Climate Data Records of Essential Climate Variables.

Copernicus Global Land service

Production and distribution of global biophysical products describing vegetation dynamics, energy budget, water cycle and cryosphere.


Supporting the Copernicus Global Land Service with R&D activities improving the retrieval methodologies of vegetation biophysical variables.


Precursor R&D project of the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service

Radiative Transfer, Inversion Techniques


The “FORUM Cloud” project was performed in support to Laboratoire d'Optique Atmosphérique to prepare the FORUM candidature as Earth Explorer 9 mission.


The “High Spectral Resolution synthetic radiances for Geostationary imagers” project is performed to provide EUMETSAT with simulations of geostationary top of atmosphere (TOA) radiances at high spectral resolution from which realistic imager TOA radiances may be synthesised using specific definitions of Spectral Response Functions (SRFs).


PHIDIAS addresses the development and concrete realization of a set of High-Performance Computing (HPC) based interdisciplinary services and tools for Earth system sciences to exploit large data sets of Earth observation satellites.

3MI Cloud

The goal of this project was to prototype the algorithm that will be used to retrieve the cloud properties from radiances measured with EPS-SG 3MI.


The goal of this project was to prototype the algorithm that will be used to retrieve the cloud top altitude from radiance measured by EPS-SG METimage in the oxygen A-band.


The “Test data for the EPS-SG METimage and 3MI instruments” project was performed to provide realistic synthetic test data for the future VII (METimage) and 3MI instruments.